Wedding Sheet Cake Ideas That Look Lovely and Are in Hyderabad

Yes, in weddings, especially modern weddings, there is a trend that is followed. This trend is that the cakes are in a tower style where one layer of cake is layered on top of another in a style that builds a cake tower. This is the kind of cake that is talked about in most wedding cake ideas. But this is not the only type of all wedding cakes that can be used. There is another type of wedding cake called as the wedding sheet cake, which is a rectangular cake that is flat and has no layers on top of each other. The advantage of these wedding sheet cakes is that you can have large and cute wedding cake toppers on top of the flat surface. This gives us a lot of room for experimentation and creativity too.

Wedding Sheet Cake Ideas That Look Lovely and Are in Hyderabad


Therefore, in this article, lets discuss a few good and trendy wedding sheet cake ideas.

Wedding Cake Ideas for Sheet Style Cakes in Hyderabad

Wedding cakes in Hyderabad were always of the tower type historically. But recently, the trend has changed, and people are looking at wedding sheet cakes as they are cheaper and allow better usage of extravagant wedding cake ideas than before. Wedding sheet cakes are also cheap wedding cakes when compared to tower cakes which are more expensive because of all the layers and the manual labour that goes into making them.

The recent trends include putting a photo of the person whose birthday it is on the wedding cake. This is a very labour intensive process as the person’s photo is converted into a work of cream art on the top of the cake. This might make it a little expensive but is worth it. These kinds of cakes can be ordered online too. Wedding cakes online are easier to get as they simplify the ordering process as well as the delivery.

Another recent trend is having no design at all on the top. These are called Even Wedding Sheet Cakes, which are even all around and look the same throughout without any designs on the top. These are getting popular among people who do not like a lot of cream topping on their cakes. The red velvet flavoured cake is a simple example of this. Do not worry about this wedding cake price as it will be much lesser than the price of normal wedding sheet cakes.

Therefore, you have just learned about a few different wedding cake ideas which you can use for the cake at your wedding or your friend’s wedding. Remember that you can either opt for the sheet cakes or the tower type cakes. Both will afford you good options. If you are looking at buying a wedding cake online soon, then we recommend you to use which is a fantastic resource for buying both the sheet cakes as well as tower cakes. This website also offers many other things apart from just wedding cakes. The website has thousands of loyal customers who are completely satisfied with the quantity of the cakes as well as the quality of the service. They are known to deliver to the right address and at the right time without having any problems. You can read reviews about the company online before buying the cakes from them.

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