Choose Different Types of Birthday Cakes with Fancy Designs and Flavors

Birthdays bring on a new form of excitement for everyone and these occasions are really special. Everyone loves to get pampered and all the love especially on these special occasions. And at any celebration cake is the first thing that everyone thinks of is a special birthday cake.

The Idea of a birthday celebration comes up with enthusiasm of celebrating it with friends and family. Be it a child or an adult a cake is just a must for everyone. The present day a cake is much more than just a dessert, it is the centre of attraction for a party. Choosing a cake is not that easy job as we have different types of birthday cakes available. A special birthday cake selection depends on the large number of factors like the favorite flavor, color, type of celebration, an age of the birthday guy.

From a simple regular cake to a designer cake, themed cake, tier cake and many more. Our bookthecake contains all varieties of birthday cakes that you wish to have. Do take the glance on our website for further details. Here are a few types of birthday cakes shown in a brief to help you out in a better understanding what you want to choose.

Regular cake

This is a simple flavored cake. The regular cake which we are having for every occasion. The flavors include the simple vanilla to yummy chocolate birthday cake and different fruit flavored cakes like pineapple, orange, strawberry.

Designer cake

This is the new trend of cakes that have been used. You can select from the large variety of birthday cake ideas that we present in our bookthecake site. You can design your cake with the simple design or fancy depending on the way you want it. We have them all.

Photo Cakes

This is the present way of celebration for any birthday. You can find this in almost every confectionery. The cake is formed with the photo that you wish to have, your best memory or his favorite picture, your best picture together beautifully.

Tiered Cakes

This would another interesting type of birthday cake that can be planned for big birthday parties. For simple ones, you can select a 2 tier cake but can increase that according to your budget and wish.

Rich cream cakes

If the birthday guy/girl is a chocolate favorite like me then rich cream cake would be the best birthday cake. The birthday boy would love the cake and enjoy the surprise. These are so delicious with lots of yummy cream and less bread just melts out as you bite.

Our bookthecake has different types of birthday cakes available. Check out our website to choose the best one for your awesome celebration. We deliver cakes which are rich in quality and finger licking tasty. Our delivery services include midnight delivery services also.

Cakes are always the best part of any celebration, as we understand your emotions and importance we deliver the cakes with all that care and love. We ensure you the taste and freshness of the cake if you taste it once you will order it once more. Our website also contains flowers, cupcakes, fruits, gifts and many more essential for a happy celebration. In the present day online world you don’t need to strive hard to do anything, once you just contact us and all the work is ours. From the decoration to the delivery every single detail will be completed by us with no stress on you.

The different types of cakes that we have are pocket-friendly and delicious to taste. Our website mainly strives for the delivery of best of the things for the people who order. We not only deliver cakes but also health and happiness. Customer satisfaction is our main aim.

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