Arrange a Flower Bouquet of Red and White Roses for Your Rose Wedding

Weddings are undoubtedly the most auspicious account of your life. It is a day where one becomes a wife and husband from a girlfriend/boyfriend. It is the day where you acknowledge your love for someone and you are ready to spend the rest of your lives with them under the same roof. Now, the best thing that can combine with your special day is flowers. What other than a rose flower bouquet shouts out the love between the groom and bride?!  As you see flowers also grow from little buds and then after an adequate amount of time they bloom with their bright colors and beautiful shapes similar to your journey as a couple that leads you two stand to take roses

Wedding flowers are the perfect decoration piece for your wedding. But if you are confused as to which flower bouquet suits your winter wedding, then don’t worry you have clicked to the right article.

A rose wedding in authentic rose fragrance is pure bliss !

Types of bridal  bouquets:

Pretty pink:

now this is the typical wedding flower bridal bouquet as it is a mixture of all the shades of pink in flowers you can get and as she is leaving to her teenage self so, this gives an emotional touch to wedding flowers as well.

Garden rose:

have a red rose wedding bouquet with the mixture of white wedding rose with dusty miller and trust me, it screams out romance!


wedding flowers are supposed to be soft and delicate as your relationship, so having a white rose bouquet is a gorgeous choice for wedding flower arrangement to turn your wedding into a rose wedding.


arrange your bouquet of roses with hot pink against blush and cream to mixture every culture at your rose wedding.


 give contrast to your spring wedding with the combination of dark and light daisies and present it as wedding flowers bridal  bouquet.

Wedding flowers arrangement:

Curtain ties:

forget ribbons or any other ties, just hold your curtains against the tent pole with a rose flower bouquet and let your curtains smile at your rose wedding.


an overhead wedding flower centerpiece emits whispers of romance and will look perfect with some fairy lights over the dance floor.

Setting cart:  

rose flowers bouquet can be surrounded by a frame for the setting cart and that will make it look extraordinary and the perfect combination for your rose wedding.


you can write your initials with the help of bright bouquet of roses and we hope that your future as husband and wife be as bright as these wedding flower arrangement.

Dangling flowers:

there is nothing more beautiful than showering flowers and hanging flowers at the top of the bride and groom chairs will look as we want God to shower his blessings upon this couple always.


wedding flowers arranged in the form of garlands create a magical woodland indoors. So, use white wedding rose as your garlands.


a swath of flower bouquet framing the staircase banner will give your rose wedding a fairy-tale look.

Ceiling decor:

an enchanting ceiling treatment with white wedding rose makes a dramatic and stunning statement.


having an outdoor wedding? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful ceiling with wedding flowers and make it look like a floating orchard.

Chair décor:

let the wedding bouquet tie to your chair and let the back of the chair splash with colors. And have a bridal bouquet for the bride and groom bouquet for the groom.


decorate your smallest thing with flowers as well. Even a single rose can put a smile on your face. So, tie your napkin and a put a small rose along its knot.

Wreath backdrop:

arrange wedding bouquet flowers with all the vibrant colors at the back of bride and groom that everyone notices the main hosts of this rose wedding.

Types of wedding flower bridal bouquet:

As our lovely bride has to hold a flower bouquet. So, the bridal bouquet must be very special and orderly arranged. And don’t worry you can order these bouquets and have bouquet delivery right before the wedding.  So here are some things you will require to select a rose wedding flower bouquet.

1. The posy bouquet:

  • Consists of a bunch of flowers in circular fashion
  • Has slightly domed shape.
  • Flowers with large flower heads like roses, dahlias are used.

2. The cascade bouquet:

  • In the form of shower or waterfall.
  • Designed as the flower bouquet of overflowing flowers.
  • Flowers used are clematis, freesia or orchids

3. The arm sheath bouquet:

  • Also known as pageant bouquet.
  • Made to rest upon the bride’s forearm.
  • Flowers used are calla lily, sunflowers or iris.

4. The Biedermeier bouquet:

  • From some Swiss floral designs.
  • A dense cluster of bloom.
  • Flowers used are rose and gerbera.

Wedding flower arrangements is a tough job undoubtedly but the happiness those flowers provide for your special day is unmatchable. So next time you are planning for some rose wedding flowers, just give the above ideas a read.

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