Top 10 Most Popular Cake Decorating Ideas

Baking is an art, mastered by a few, and one thing that whoever learns to bake tries their hand at, is baking a cake. The joy of making a cake is parallel to none and anyone who makes a cake, want their cake, to not only taste yum but also look to look beautiful. And to make the cake look beautiful, one needs to learn some basic and simple cake decorating ideas.


Some of the Easy Cake Decorating Ideas are:

Putting up icing sugar on the cake:

Dusting of icing sugar is one of the easiest ways to decorate the cake. It is a simple process where the baker puts up icing sugar, such that it evenly covers the entire surface of the cake. Care should be taken that the dusting is not done on the freshly baked hot cake; else the sugar might melt and lead to crystallization, spoiling the fun of the fluffy dessert.

Strawberries on top of the cake:

One of the simplest cake decoration ideas include putting up those wonderful, freshly cut and sugar syrup dipped strawberries on top of the cake. This not only tastes well but well also looks beautiful on the cake.If You want to buy strawberry cakes online then go with your gifting portal

Fondant Shapes:

Cake decorating ideas were never this creative before. As and how the occasion, different shapes can be created and put up on the cakes, giving them a personalized touch. From dancing couples for weddings to small babies, during the first birthday of a kid, these shapes just makes the cake look gorgeous.

Buttercream frosting:

Buttercream can be made by adding butter, icing sugar, some drops of milk, and flavored extract. This buttercream spread over the cake gives it a unique taste making it soft, spongy and extremely creamy, making it taste yum.

Chocolates and sweets:

Simple, yet most efficient and that’s how we can put this. Just decorate the cake with some chocolate and sweets, by either sprinkling them over, or decorating the cake with chocolate pieces and voila, the cake turns into a masterpiece. The children are going to love this creation, making them want more on every special occasion surprise.

Desiccated Coconut:

Coconut can be added to any cake to make it look attractive and give it a white covering. It tastes fantastic on all the cakes no matter what the flavour. From vanilla to chocolate, the coconut gives the cake a crunchy texture making it unique to the otherwise fluffy dessert

Mixed Nuts:

Mixed Nuts are another way of adding the crunch to one’s These nuts again, give a different crunchy and a unique flavor to the cake and the best part is, these look excellent on the cake. The nuts can either be spread on the top of the cake, or they can be put up on the side.You  Can also Place an order of Mixed Nuts cakes online.

Written Messages:

Written Messages helps one personalize the cakes. One can write these personalized messages using a fresh cream that is piped through a thin nozzle. Go on, with either a happy birthday or a happy anniversary, these messages just translate the feelings into  beautiful reality.

Real Flowers:

From the fresh rose petals to the blue sprigs of lavender, using flowers to decorate the cakes gives a spring feel to They make the cake look pretty and smell floral. Bunches of flowers can be tied together and they can be put beside at the edge of the cake or rose petals can be sprinkled on top of the buttercream. Care should be taken of not consuming the flowers until and unless one is sure about their source and their fitness for consumption.


Just spread over Nutella or Peanut butter brought from the supermarket or those fresh fruit marmalades made by one’s granny to decorate the cake. These spreads are one of the easiest tools for cake decorations and can be used by just spreading over, evenly over the cake with a spoon or a butter knife.

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