Happy anniversary flowers by year to signify your love for each other

Happy Anniversary Flowers

Regardless of how many years a couple spends together in marriage, the charm and beauty of their wedding day is something that never fades out. For a day that is so special, the day that celebrates the union of two hearts, the day you found your partner for life, your wedding anniversary truly deserves a charming celebration. What better way could it be to begin this day of love other than something that is beautiful and refreshing like happy anniversary flowers. Accentuate the charm of this day of love and steal your partner’s heart once again with a beautiful happy anniversary bouquet.

Happy Anniversary Flowers

Amazingly beautiful and fragrant happy anniversary flowers presented in the form of a happy anniversary gift is something that will instantly cheer your partner and make them feel loved. We know that the number 25 is associated with silver and 50 is associated with gold, but not everyone knows that there are flowers associated with each year of marriage as well. Commemorate your anniversary this year and celebrate your blooming love by honoring it with the corresponding flower.

Happy Anniversary Flowers To Honour Your Love!

Flowers For 1st Anniversary – Carnation

1st Anniversary Flowers

Carnations are always known for their vibrant colors and full blooms, they are said to represent passionate love. For the young and passionate newlyweds, carnations are simply the perfect choice of happy anniversary flowers.

Flowers For 2nd Anniversary – Cosmos

2nd Anniversary Flowers

With couples having a deeper understanding of each other in the 2nd year of marriage, that shows some great growth in their relationship, a happy anniversary bouquet of cosmos flowers is best suited to capture the intense beauty of their relationship.

Flowers For 3rd Anniversary – Sunflower

wedding anniversary flowers by year

The sturdy stem of a sunflower represents the strong foundation that a couple builds for themselves in the third year of marriage. A sunflower always faces the sun and is said to represent all the challenges that the couple overcomes to be in a blissful married life.

Flowers For 4th Anniversary – Geranium

 wedding anniversary bouquet

Geraniums stand for the coming together of two people by completely becoming comfortable with each other. These beautiful happy anniversary flowers can be given to spouses to celebrate their mind, body, and soul.

Flowers For 5th Anniversary – Daisy

flowers for anniversary of marriage

These simple looking anniversary flowers have a unique and incredible structure that bring about freshness to the routine life of a couple. Having seem to have become mundane after being together for 5 years these flowers for anniversary of marriage represent that there are many surprises yet to be discovered.

Flowers For 10th Anniversary – Daffodil

Happy Anniversary Flowers

The first decade of marriage is best celebrated with a bright hued bouquet of daffodils as happy anniversary flowers. The daffodil might be a small flower individually, but when arranged to form of a bouquet of wedding anniversary flowers, they form a massive and bright hued bloom. These colorful flowers symbolize the coming together of two individuals to make a loving and extraordinary family.

Flowers For 15th Anniversary – Rose

wedding anniversary flowers by year

The absolute representation of passionate love is a rose. After spending 15 years with each other, a couple has been through all the phases of life, good and bad, together. Roses are the best happy anniversary gift and the perfect way to show that your love for your spouse will be strong and undying just like the charm of bright red roses.

Flowers For 20th Anniversary – Aster

wedding anniversary bouquet

Asters are said to have magical properties that spread knowledge and wisdom. There surely must not be a better way to celebrate your day of love other than with asters as happy anniversary flowers. Honour and celebrate all that you have learned about each other in all the years of togetherness and your love.

Flowers For 25th Anniversary – Iris

25th Anniversary flowers

Honour your quarter century together with these amazingly beautiful happy anniversary flowers that are believed to embody love and have the aura of Paris. While these wedding anniversary flowers stand tall and vibrant they represent the futility of the bond between a husband and wife and the strength of their bond. Express to your spouse with a happy anniversary bouquet of iris flowers that no matter what happens the two of you will always stand tall in love.

Flowers For 30th Anniversary – Lily

30th Anniversary flowers

The 30th anniversary in the life of a couple is a time of change and reflecting how far the two of you have come. With many couples planning to retire and handing over their responsibilities to their kids lilies are said to be the best happy anniversary flowers to sit back and look at all your accomplishments so far as a couple.

Flowers For 40th Anniversary – Gladiolas

40th Anniversary flowers

Gladiolas are those pretty wedding anniversary flowers that when given to your spouse, tells them that no matter how much time has passed by, they still pierce your heart with their love.

Flowers For 50th Anniversary – Yellow Roses And Violets

Flowers For 50th Anniversary

For the magnificent achievement of 50 years of marriage what better happy anniversary flowers could be other than yellow roses and violets. These colors are said to be complementary to each other that are said to represent two people who individually come together to support and complement each other.

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