Kids and summer holidays together are a big burden for the parents because of all the tantrums kids throw and all the naughty deeds they do. There are some interesting activities in which you can engage them to keep their minds active and alive. There are several ideas of cupcakes for kids you can help them bake.Cupcakes for kids

Seeing your kids wear those little chef caps and cute little aprons can literally be a feast for your eyes.  Baking is also a fun-filled activity for kids because they always look for that one single chance to enter into the kitchen and set the kitchen floor on fire. You can fulfil their fantasies and at the same time engage them in such activities so that you can one day see them as a cooking pro.

We bring you the recipes of cupcakes for kids, mini cupcakes, special cupcakes for boys, kids, birthday cupcakes, cupcake decorating ideas for kids. You can easily get your little cooks to bake the muffins with those tiny little hands and serve them to you.


To bake any cupcake, basic ingredients include butter, salt, baking soda, eggs, milk. But you can make your children bake these cupcakes according to a particular design of their wish. There are many fancy designs of cupcakes for kids. We give you 17 different ideas out of which your kids can choose their own kind.

Cinderella cupcakes, polar bear paw cupcakes, Owl cupcakes, Apple cupcakes, Ice cream Sundae cupcakes, Cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes, sorting hat cupcakes, Neapolitan cupcakes, Rainbow swirl cupcakes, Belle cupcakes, S’mores cupcakes, Dunkaroo cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, Ice cream sundae cupcakes, Fruity pebble cupcakes, Cotton candy cupcakes, root beer float cupcakes. You can find the recipes separately for the above mentioned individual cupcakes for kids. Ask your kids to choose their favourite variety and you can munch them whilst you enjoy your favourite T.V show.


Mini cupcakes are deliciousness in miniature forms. Mini cupcakes look cute and also they contain less of sugar and butter. They are appropriate to be cooked by kids. You can even have a mini cupcakes baking competition in your colony, where you can let your kids bake different varieties of mini cupcakes and have your colony members taste those amazing finger licking cupcakes made by your kids.

Some tasty cupcake varieties include mini vanilla cupcakes, Mini chocolate ganache cupcakes, Orange dream mini cupcakes, dark chocolate mini cupcakes, mini coffee cupcakes, Butter pecan mini cupcakes, mini Kahlua cupcakes. You can find the recipes for each one of them individually.


When it comes to kid’s birthday parties, there are a lot many decorator items that add to the glamorous party like those colourful balloons, fancy ribbons, bright glowing lights, birthday caps, but the most prominent centrepiece that has everyone’s attention grabbed towards it is that huge delicious cake placed on the table waiting to be cut and savoured by many. You can now add more glamour to the party by including a variety of cupcakes for kids into the menu list. From kids to adults, everyone has those sweet little cravings to grab a bite of these tiny pieces overloaded with sweetness. As kids always have different fantasies and as they dream to become that brave superhero they have seen in movies or that Disney character they could turn into or an anime character they long to become, you can have kids birthday cupcakes designed in accordance with their favourite character.

This will enhance the party mood and raise the joyous spirits of children making it a sweet memory for them.


Boys as kids secretly wish they had super powers so that they become much stronger. These dreams, they acquire by watching cartoons, reading comics and watching Marvel movies. One movie that has gained immense popularity and that has kept everyone patiently waiting for its release is avengers- The infinity war. Since it has attracted children of all ages especially boys, you can include cupcakes for kids designed with the Avengers – infinity war theme so that your party will be a peculiar one everyone talks about. Kids who are diehard fans of Thanos, Captain America, Iron Man are surely going to enjoy such a trendy and fun filled party when Avengers become a part of cupcakes for kids.


Preparing tiny muffins in not a tedious task but what adds to its charm is the decorating ideas that you implement to make these sweet little munchies look much captivating. You can add colourful ribbons around the mini cupcakes, or you can add perfect frostings over the cupcakes. You can have tiny colourful lollipops affixed into the spongy cupcakes with their straws so that they look attractive. You can even make the cupcakes look much simpler by adding a red cherry on the top of the cupcake. A single candle lighted and fixed into the cupcake will also do.

Now that you are totally acknowledged with different ideas of cupcakes for kids including cupcake recipes for kids, various models of kid’s birthday cupcakes and ultimately various ideas of cupcake decorating ideas for kids to give your muffins a final touch, you can implement them and let your kids bake them with their tiny little hands.

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