Celebration Cakes For Every Party, So Tasty and Irresistible, That You Want it to Dig In!

It is true that celebrations are a very important and crucial part of life. They keep igniting the spirit of going on and on. Celebration and celebration cakes indeed take most part of our life. If a study was conducted and everybody would be asked to sum up all the celebrations that they have attended or have celebrated, then one lifespan would never be enough to sum them all. Sometimes you are a part of a celebration or the other time you are the celebration. But what remains common is the celebration. Every celebration calls for a party and so does it call for celebration cakes. I al ways keep wondering why did cakes become a major part of a celebration. Most of our celebrations are just incomplete without a cake.Fresh and tasty celebration cakes

   One theory says that this tradition was started by the Ancient Greeks. Where they designed their cakes in a circular shape to honour the goddess of the moon, Artemis. The shape talking a lot about the shape of the moon, and they lighted the candles on the cake to represent the glow or the moonlight and the smoke after blowing the candles would carry their wishes to her.

   The second theory what gave this old thing a new meaning was the German concept. The German baked cakes that were more similar to a bread kind of thing for their kid’s celebration. Later they came up with a much sweeter version of the same bread with introducing the concept of icing and floral decorations.

   Well, the theory still remains unexplained, but whoever came up with such a bright idea, deserves a pat on his back for inventing this delicacy. Celebration and celebration cakes take us on the way to happiness.

Celebration cakes for every celebration

   Be it a birthday or an anniversary, be that an engagement or a wedding, a cake is the soul of all these celebrations. Celebration cakes should be just perfect as they are the center of attraction. If they taste good then they become the source of enjoyment and if they do not taste good then they become the source of talking. So how shall we make sure that the celebration cakes that we are buying are the best cake to suit our occasion.

   You can also categorise cakes according to the kind of celebration. There are a different kind of celebration cakes like an anniversary cake, a birthday cake, an engagement cake, or a cake for a special occasion known as special cake.

Cakes for anniversaries:

  An anniversary cake is different from the regular birthday cakes. Wondering how? Because they are baked for an anniversary(hahaha :P). Nope! Jokes apart, anniversary cakes are actually different from the regular celebration cakes. You could always look or an extraordinary cake or asked for personalised cakes with your personalised message making them your very own customised anniversary cake. There are also available in different flavours like chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, red velvet, but my personal favourite is a black forest.

Cakes for birthdays:

   Cakes and birthdays are best friends. They are just inseparable, like oil and water. People of all age groups just enjoy cutting a cake, and it has become a very common tradition of cutting a birthday cake. Like we find people of all groups, similarly, we find cakes for all age groups. Just as we can say cakes for all. Although the making is more or less the same, they only differ in the way they are decorated and presented. Kids mostly prefer the cake shaped or designed according to the cartoon characters that they are fond of, of say Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, etc. And for the adults the major focus on the presentation and the look. The trend of personalised cakes with special birthday messages has seen a widespread off late.

An engagement cake

   Engagement with a loved one should be celebrated but then your engagement party with a cake could lead to heaven. Engagement is considered a very big part of a couples life, also that this big achievement is also celebrated and completed by a cake cutting by the couple as a sign of a new and happy beginning. Hence, here as we come across celebration cakes which match the occasional engagement cake. Just like the birthday cakes, engagement cakes could also be made personalised cakes and special cake, by just adding a touch of your kind.

“Because it all starts and ends with a celebration!”

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