Buy Most Delicious Cakes in Hyderabad in Different Categories

Best Cakes in Hyderabad are available at your doorstep now. Thanks to the services of a number of online cake stores who are doing the job well. The introduction of online cake stores in the city has been a great relief to a number of people who would always be reluctant to visit a cake store and choose the regular flavors of cakes for their celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and many others. With the introduction of the online cake delivery in Hyderabad, the customers now have a wide array of choices to pick their cakes from. Moreover, there are a number of other reasons that would convince you to choose a cake online instead of buying the same from a number of land-based shops.

Select the best cakes in Hyderabad

Following are the best categories of cakes to choose from if you are looking forward to order cake online Hyderabad.

Shortened Cakes in Hyderabad

Shortened cakes include the cakes that are made using all kinds of fats such as lard vegetable shortening, butter, oil and many more. This category of cake is often referred to as butter cakes as butter plays the most important role in the recipe for such cakes. These cakes are considered to be shortened because the high amount of butter or fat present in these cakes shortens the strands of gluten which is formed when the flour gets in contact with the water. The shortened cakes further comprise of two different categories namely, layered cakes as well as pound cakes. The former is considered to be made in different layers using creaming method, the one-bowl method as well as whip method while the latter is only about the butteriest of cakes to choose from. These cakes are being sold like hotcakes throughout Hyderabad and you can send cakes to Hyderabad in any form of the shortened cakes.

Foam and Sponge Cake:

Foam and Spongecake are accounted among the best cakes in Hyderabad and you can easily order cake online Hyderabad in this category from a number of online cake stores that are available at your service. This category particularly embraces a wide variety of cakes that include dacquoise, genoise, angel food cake, jelly-roll style cakes and many others. The egg in the title signifies nothing but the spongy and fluffy foam of these cakes. To prepare this category of cakes, air is beaten into the eggs after which they are made to fold in a batter. During the process of their baking, the entire beating creates steam into the batter which eventually causes the cakes to rise and to further take a fluffy shape. The cakes in this particular category are prepared either with the egg whites only or sometimes using the egg whites as well as the yolk. These cakes are also prepared using egg and oil in some instances.

Flourless or Low-flour Cakes:

Technically, a number of flourless cakes are nothing but a version of foam or sponge cakes. These cakes get their lift majorly from the eggs. The only thing that differentiates these cakes from the egg cakes is their overall characteristics. The bag a different character from the above mentioned two varieties. You can order cake online Hyderabad having this category. There are a number of online cake shops where you can also get this category of cake customized in the flavor you want.


The classification of tortes could be difficult. This is because both torte and cake are a used almost interchangeably in order to describe a variety of cakes. Tortes aren’t made using flour but gather another set of ingredients that function like flour. Mostly, ground nuts are used in this variety in order to add bulk to the cakes.

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