5 Tips for Summer Wedding Cakes

Summer is here, and it is the time when more and more couple plans to take their love to the next level by exchanging wedding vows. Some couples plan for a beach wedding while some plan for a quiet ceremony is a lush green garden. They keep in mind every single detail to plan the best summer wedding. They choose the venue very wisely according to the heat of the summer. They also make all the arrangements apt for the summer season so that the guests do not face any discomfort. But, they forget to pay heed on their summer wedding cake.  The couple fails to realize that they need to keep a lot of thing in mind while ordering summer wedding cakes.

5 Tips for Summer Wedding Cakes

Cake wedding in summer takes a toll on the cake bakers. They face a challenge to bake wedding cakes that do not get destroyed by the spell of summer. Frostings of the cakes tend to get destroy in summer season due to the scorching heat. But, the bakers that sell wedding cakes online have found out a way for this problem. They bake special wedding cakes for summer weddings. They keep the temperature and venue in mind before they decorate the cake with beautiful frosting so that the host shouldn’t have to suffer any embarrassment in front of the guests.

Summer Wedding Cakes Online

The online world has all the solution to the cake woes of their customers. Many couples, who plan their wedding during summer shy away from choosing the venue of their choice. So, the couples who want to exchange vows under an open sky had to compromise on a wedding banquet hall so that their cake does not get destroyed in the heat outside.The online cake bakers bake the cakes that are curetted especially for summer weddings. They make special cakes keeping in mind the temperature. Also, they sell the cheap wedding cakes on the internet.

The online services also offer many benefits to the couples who choose to buy cakes online. The best benefit other than the wedding cake price is that the online cake bakeries enable to buy the wedding cakes from the comfort of home. The couples can use the extra time in making other preparations. They also offer cake delivery at home or any mentioned address. Hence, the buyer needs not visit the bakery to fetch the cake.

The online cake bakers also offer a lot of options to the cake lovers. They offer cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will be spoilt for choices for the cake flavours. The online cupcake bakers bake a cake in flavours like red velvet cake, rum cake, lemon cake, cheese cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cake, cherry cake, blueberry cake, and much more. They decorate these delicious cakes with beautiful wedding cake toppers.

5 Tips for Wedding Cakes for Summer Wedding

Here are five tips to buy a perfect wedding cake for a summer wedding:
  1. Keep your cake away from butter cream or whipped cream icing as they melt on a hot summer day. Buy a fondant cake instead.
  2. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure the venue has tents or shades as direct sunlight will destroy the cake.
  3. Choose light cakes like lemon cakes, other citrus cakes and fruit cakes for a summer wedding.
  4. Decorate the cakes with seasonal decorations.
  5. Opt for fruit pies for summer weddings.

Bookthecake.com is an online cake selling a website that sells delicious summer wedding cakes. The cakes are specially baked and decorated keeping the hot summer season in mind.

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