Evolution of Custom Cakes in Today’s World

Custom cakes have been preeminent in the party celebrations and on the contingency, the celebration embarks and mesmerizing everyone with moments and laughter. The origin of various and unique cakes concentrating in the tastes and shapes, and are fabulously enjoyed by everyone. The specialization in the cakes

Top 5 Occasions When Indians Choose to Gift a Cake

Embracing the funny, joyous, and heart touching moments as you wish are delivered here at Bookthecake.com. A cake is the first form of dessert that comes into mind when you want to have something sweet, isn’t it? So, how would it be when you gift a cake

Cupcakes for Birthday | Bookthecake

  Celebrating one’s birthday with a cupcake has been the recent trend. Cupcakes are the most essential elements for birthday celebrations, and this will always show the love you have for your beloved ones. In fact, as soon as you celebrate your birthday with a creamy, delicious

Children’s Birthday Cakes | Bookthecake

We are experts in making Kid’s warm cakes to make astounding Donald Duck cake, Numerical cake, Spiderman cake, Mickey Mouse cake, and the extensive variety of other Disney and Cartoon Cakes. Fulfillment Guaranteed!! Request the children cake today and let your friends and family recall the birthday

Top Your Wedding Cake with Style

Stylish people are always adamant on keeping everything around them stylish. They make sure that everything that they wear, carry and use is also coated with style, and their wedding cakes are also not an exception. The overtly stylish grooms and brides do not just showcase their

The Importance of Birthday Cakes

Since childhood, birthdays have been an important event in each person’s life. The joy surrounding birthday is not limited to the person concerned, but it involves all the near and dear ones. It is a time for celebration. Birthdays signify growth and maturity with all the accomplishments